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Members of the congregation currently sponsor 21 pupils in Silanga High School.

Without receiving this sponsorship, these pupils would not be able to attend Secondary School.

It currently costs £160 per pupil per year.

If YOU would like to help provide a child with an education, please contact us.


Don’t They Look Smart?

Anyone who has seen photos of the Silanga High School pupils cannot fail to notice how smart they look in their school uniforms.

Did you ever wonder:

How do they get them all to wear these uniforms?


How much does the uniform cost?

Well, we never gave it a thought until Irene and the Reverend Moses’ visit. Irene advised that the students must wear the uniform or they are not allowed in school. She also said that the cost of the uniform is around £30 per pupil per year, which is a barrier to some families and stops some potential students attending school. Those of us who congratulated ourselves that our sponsorship had made it possible for poorer children to attend school were taken aback. We had never considered the cost of school uniforms.

To support this venture we held a Cream Tea on Saturday 10th August 2013.  The event was very well supported, and the large number of volunteers gave everyone the opportunity to socialise.  The tremendous amount of £581.62 was raised.  Thanks go to everyone who helped run the event, to those who bought tickets or gave donations, and to those who came along.

During their visit to Kibera in January 2016, Jim and David were delighted to meet Faith and Stephen, who were two of our first sponsored students. Both had finished primary school but their parents could not afford to pay for their secondary education. Thanks to our sponsorship programme, Faith and Stephen were both offered a place at PCEA Silanga High School. They have both completed their secondary education and work full time in Nairobi. They came along to meet Jim and David to express their deepest gratitude for our support.