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Welcome to the website of the Barrhead Churches Kibera Project.  A partnership was set up to establish a working relationship between the Christian communities of Barrhead, Scotland, and Kibera, a slum township in Nairobi, Kenya.

In June 2006 eight members of Bourock Parish Church, including the Minister, three elders and four young members, visited Kibera, in particular meeting with members of the local Presbyterian Church East Africa, (PCEA) and visiting projects run by the charity ‘Vision Africa’.  The trip was an emotional and life-changing experience for all the visitors.

In 2008, six members of PCEA Kibera visited Barrhead; this group included the then Session Clerk, the Church Secretary and four youth members.

As well as experiencing many firsts; leaving Kibera, flying, meeting snow (at Xscape!), visiting Edinburgh Castle, and the seaside at Largs and Millport, this visit gave us the opportunity to strengthen our partnership. The visitors also went to Dundee and attended the Annual Women’s Guild Rally and speak to delegates at the National Youth Assembly.

The Barrhead Churches Kibera Project became a registered charity in November 2010, with Barrhead Bourock as its parent charity.

The Covenant between the members of Barrhead Churches and PCEA Kibera was signed on Sunday 2nd January 2011. In Barrhead, it was signed during a Joint Service, held in the then Barrhead Arthurlie Parish Church, now Barrhead St Andrew’s Parish Church.

It is our aim to help Kibera Parish develop some of the projects that we visited, and to set up a long term plan that will not only help the people of Kibera, but also benefit and enrich our own community here in Barrhead.

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Barrhead Churches Kibera Project is a charity registered in Scotland

Scottish Charity Number SC041915