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P.C.E.A. Projects

The handing over, dedication and commissioning of the Bio Centre was held on 27th January 2013.

Following a service at PCEA Silanga, Rev Moses Cheche unveiled the plaque and the ribbon was cut! 

In April 2013, we were delighted to welcome Rev Moses Mukundi Cheche  and Irene Njoki Njoroge to Barrhead.  Rev Moses is the Parish Minister at PCEA Kibera Parish, and Irene is the Vice-Secretary of the Silanga High School Board.

The people of Barrhead had several  occasions to meet the visitors; Rev Moses and Irene spoke at four worship services and went along to social and fundraising events held at five different Barrhead churches and visited Cross Arthurlie Primary School.  They also attended the Paisley & District Boys’ Brigade Battalion Parade and met with the staff of the Church of Scotland World Mission Council in Edinburgh.  They visited the office of the Commonwealth Games and Irene visited Strathclyde University. They both had the opportunity to see, and experience, some of Scotland’s cultural attractions and our beautiful country

Rev Moses was presented with a copy of the ‘Complete Works of Robert Burns’ from the committee.

Our Chair, Jim Mitchell, with Rev Moses and Irene outside Edinburgh Castle.  They had just had a meeting with representatives of the Church of Scotland's World Mission Council staff.

The visitors had the opportunity to visit Burns’ Cottage in Alloway.  Also pictured is Iain Glover, who was part of the original group that visited Kibera in 2006.

Rev Moses and Irene with Jim and Agnes Law at Arthurlie Parish Church (now Barrhead St Andrews).

Rev Moses and Irene attended the Guild Coffee Evening at South & Levern Church (now Barrhead St Andrews), where they had an opportunity to share a time of fellowship with people from around Barrhead.

Rev Moses Mukundi Cheche presented this clock to the congregation of Bourock Parish Church. It is on the wall at the west side of the Church, along with the clock presented to us in 2008. The two clocks are set to different times; the time in Barrhead, and the time in Kibera.