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P.C.E.A. Projects


In 2006, 8 members of our congregation visited Nairobi, Kenya.  As well as visiting the Seed of Hope charity, which members of our Junior Church and Bourock Friends Group support, they visited the local Presbyterian Church, P.C.E.A. Kibera Parish.  They met with the then minister, Rev. Samuel, some elders and members of their congregation.  Following this visit, we were inspired to establish a partnership between Barrhead and Kibera, and so set up the African Partnership Committee.  This committee oversaw the fundraising to help establish a Secondary school in the grounds of PCEA Silanga.

Six members of PCEA Kibera visited Barrhead in 2008.  As well as experiencing many firsts; first time leaving Kibera, travelling on a plane, experiencing snow (at Xscape!), a castle at Edinburgh and the seaside at Largs and Millport, this visit gave us the opportunity to strengthen our partnership.

Silanga Secondary School

These are the original school buildings:

Construction of the new secondary school at Silanga began on Monday 6th April 2009.

The new school was dedicated on 25th July 2009, and open ready for the new autumn term.

Below are the students using the new science equipment.